Equine assisted workshops inspiring and strengthening Leadership and Team Dynamics!

Is your team struggling . . .

To work together and establish trust?

To solve problems easily?

To listen and communicate more effectively?

Do you wonder why you aren’t all on the same page?

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About Us

Creating powerful connections by redefining leadership

We are Deauke and Nancy, co-founders of IndEALA Academy, in LaPorte, Indiana. We are two independent business owners, both engaged in accomplishing deep, lasting transformations for our clients, and IndEALA represents an innovative collaboration of our methods.

Nancy brings extensive experience as a business consultant who develops authentic leadership and customized solutions for organizational effectiveness; and Deauke’s deep knowledge of animals and horse herd dynamics and the body-mind-nature connection of wellness and yoga add experiential learning to the coaching experience.

At IndEALA Academy Nancy and Deauke combine their strengths to provide your organizational team with a one-of-a-kind experience custom designed to strengthen your teams and effect lasting change. The natural dynamic of the horse herd and equine assisted coaching bring a new dimension to professionally guided interpersonal team building activities to create the perfect team retreat experience.


”Our mission is to redefine leadership and create more powerful connections”

Deauke and Nancy – IndEALA

Learn to create YOUR healthy lifestyle based on my own tried and proven BLUEPRINT to a life I love!

We will help you map out a solution, enabling your business to move forward.

Creating powerful connections by redefining leadership

Enduring results we bring to your organization:

Better team dynamics

Higher productivity

Smoother communications

A team that feels “we trust each other”

What Happens at a Workshop?

Retreat. Step away from the repeated challenges of the workplace and into our refreshing outdoor setting where your perspective will change. Activities throughout the day will help you tap into mind-body-nature connections and experiential learning will help to build healthy group dynamics.

Our fresh approach to the business workshop breaks down barriers in a way that conventional retreats cannot match. Expect personal growth and development to result from your experiences in our unique setting. You’ll walk away with increased self-awareness as an individual and as a member of a group, better positioned for success in team and personal endeavors.

Each workshop is customized for your team goals and challenges. A typical IndEALA program involves interacting with horses under Deauke’s guidance, followed by reflective debriefing. This provides opportunities for experiential learning, a better understanding of team members’ thinking patterns and leadership development on a deeper level. There is no riding involved and it is not about horsemanship. It is about exploring partnerships, communication, authenticity, and leadership agility.

Call today for a free consultation to determine your team objectives and specific challenges. We will put together a customized plan for your IndEALA workshop. These workshops will include activities with the horses as well as communication sessions planned specifically to help your team overcome challenges and inspire a growth pattern in leadership and communication.


Why Horses?

The natural horse herd dynamics provide a unique leadership model of building relationships from the horses’ perspective of compassion and understanding. This model helps takes leaders and teams to the next level. Horses offer non-judgmental, honest and immediate feedback which enables participants to identify their strengths and blind spots so that new learning can occur.

We will develop a custom IndEALA program for you. This workshop will include working with horses to help your team overcome specific challenges and inspire a growth pattern in leadership and productivity.

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Introductory Workshop

Periodically, open enrollment sessions will be available so that individuals can participate on their own without being part of a specific organizational group.

Current open enrollment dates for sessions:
November 8  •  December 13

Upcoming Sessions:
Explore a side of yourself that is often hidden and get a taste of what an IndEALA workshop can do for your organization or team. You’ll learn to trust and to be mindful of your energy, resulting in more effective communications and healthier relationships.

Spend a day on a beautiful farm experiencing active learning under Nancy and Deauke’s joint leadership. Guided encounters with horses—not riding—expose the way thoughts influence feelings, actions, and communications. A horse’s honest response gives you instant feedback on your leadership skills to produce breakthrough learning. You’ll learn to trust intuition and gain deeper awareness of self and others.

Solid business and leadership skills-building sessions support the hands-on time with horses. Participants work through many exercises in the pasture to zero in on individual leadership qualities and how to apply them.


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What People Say About Our Workshops


Our communication is better in regards to following up that we are clearly understood. 

We now have a better understanding of how the rest of the team processes information – it was a surprise to find out that for each team member this is clearly different.”

Melissa G. | ARC




My take-away is to be mindful of what is comfortable for me may not be what is comfortable for others. Now I will approach others with more compassion and understanding. 

I have also become more aware of myself, my surrounding and those around me. This helps me get out of my head and be more present in my day to day life.”

Janet B. | Serenity Salon




“It was insightful to learn what the other team members thought was important. What was important for one was not necessarily important for the other.

This is something I will definitely take into account and be more understanding about in our everyday work environment.

Stephanie McCullough | ARC





”We experienced the difference in one-way and two-way communication. The first definitely leaves a lot of room for error. Two way communication allows for questions to be asked and answers to be better understood.

The exercises confirmed once again that people understand things in different ways. And we have to take that into account on the workfloor.

Erika Zolvinski | ARC




“Trust is a two way street that needs to be
thoughtfully navigated.




“My interaction with the horses made me realize how my intentions could easily be misinterpreted. I was unintentionally giving mixed signals with being unaware of my body language.

It forced me to get out of my head and be present and considerate of them and find a way to work as a team instead of as an individual.

Janet Busfield | Serenity Salon



”The whole experience was thought-provoking. My eyes were opened to a very different way of navigating and approaching life, both professional and private. It sure increases your awareness and self awareness.

There were observations that stirred my emotions and others that came to my spirit. I had many insights for myself. For example, I recognize now that others may perceive me in ways that I was not aware of.

The worksheets caused me to think harder about what I truly experienced. An incredible powerful session.”





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